Growth Consulting Services

Digital Marketing Strategy

  • Exploration: Research to understand what gaps may exist in the current marketing plan
  • Documentation: Creation of a comprehensive strategy including how & where to kickoff digital marketing execution

  • Tool, Employee & Vendor Selection: Finding the right mix of tools, employees and/or vendors for your budget, stage of business, and growth strategy

  • Copy & Brand Voice Testing: Support answering the questions: is my messaging hitting home with my target audience? Is message A or message B more powerful?

  • Assessment & Rating: Measuring the success of the strategy & execution to apply these iterative learnings

Website/App Roadmap Strategy

  • Analysis: User & A/B testing to determine opportunity gaps, answering the questions: What do users think about my product / branding? What, if anything, is holding users back from buying? Does my site functionally meet user needs, and if not, how can I fix it?
  • Documentation: Building a prioritized to do list of action items which takes time, effort & return into consideration - as well as your wants and needs.

  • Data Analytics Assessment: Measure the impact to growth

Content Strategy

  • SEO & PPC Execution: Technical site audits & paid search account audits to understand needs, plus any required execution for paid and organic search optimization. 
  • Optimization Training: Teaching your internal resources how to research keywords and optimize content for maximum return.